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Business Advertising

 Through the power of social media we can specifically target people who are likely to purchase your service.

   We can reach leads based on how far they live from your business, their interests and hobbys, relationships with your competitors, or even how much money they make.


We can show your music to thousands of new listeners using stategic posts, on various platforms.

Whether you are a music artist or band, song writer, musician, or producer we can build your personal online presence and following, as well as the popularity of your music.

Public Figure

No matter your niche- motivational speakers to pastors, authors and artists, Youtubers and social media influencers- we will develop a brand story throughout your content that your target audience can relate to.

We have the ability to show your works to thousands of new people, all of whom are people who are likely to love what you’re offering.

Real Estate

Attention all real estate agents and investors! Together, we will be able to place all of your listings directly in front of qualified buyers. We are capable of targeting leads though various factors like age, income, location, and even specific activities they enjoy in your area.  

Our goal is to ensure that you become the "go-to guy" for anyone looking to buy or sell apartments, homes, and land in your area!




SkyRocket Social Media Marketing helps individuals, businesses, organizations grow their online presence and build relationships with their community through telling their unique brand story. We’re dedicated to customer satisfaction and are a service oriented team. Our goal is to educate brands on how to efficiently target leads, and turn them into paying customers!


Please feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have. If you're interested in a service that we offer or want additional information fill out the form below. Leave a quick message about your brand and what service you're looking into & we'll get back to you with 24 hours!
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